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The After Dark

Status: Streaming July 09, 2024

Beth is a young vampire feeling stuck in her place as a member of the old-world-style vampire clan. One fateful night she meets Jack, a fun-loving punk rock vampire who welcomes her into his world. The two warring clans of Vampires go head to head as Master Vigo and Dax fight for Beth's right to party! 

Directed by Tom Devlin
Starring Gangrel, Sinn Bodhi, Lars Frederiksen, Ashley Ballou, Daisy Ducati, Josh Cornell, Matt Osborn.

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Teddy Told Me To

Teddy Told Me To Poster

Status: Now Available on BluRay and Streaming!

When Danny and Zoe (Topher Hansson and Kamarra Cole) decide to buy an old defunct haunted attraction, they think they’ll just have fun and make some money. After meeting with the realtor Jan (Lisa Wilcox, Nightmare on Elm St 4 & 5), and the groundskeeper Ron (CJ Graham, Friday the 13th VI), they learn that the property has a bloody past. They audition and hire a full cast of haunt actors who work together to bring the old haunt back from the dead. Ron’s brother Eric (Michael Shields) creeps the gang out with his telling of a family tragedy (Felissa Rose, Sleepaway Camp, and Trent Haaga, Killjoy 3), the origin of the bear masked killer “Teddy” (Jason Wallace), and the first murder to take place in the haunt (Warrington Gillette, Friday the 13th Part II). On opening night, the haunters and the crowd don’t stand a chance as Teddy returns to his old stomping ground for more blood!

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Las Vegas Frankenstein

Las Vegas Frankenstein Poster

Status: Available now on Blu-ray and Streaming!

When Victor Van Pelt's nightly Hypnosis show starts to feel stale, he re-ignites the show with some excitement by attempting to create life live onstage. With the help of his wife Tabitha and his favorite goon, Gary, the trio does everything in their power to make Vic's vision a reality.

Directed by Tom Devlin
Starring Vincent Cusimano, Victoria Strange, John Karyus, Daniel Roebuck, and Noah Hathaway.

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Status: Delivered

After a tragic accident destroys his life, a hooded killer only known as Nameless, seeks revenge while stalking his victims through desert canyons and caves.

Directed by Tom Devlin
Starring Steve Hansen, Ginger Lynn Allen, Katie Morgan, Matt Osborn, Emmeline Deville.

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Halfway To Hell

Halfway to Hell Poster

Status: Post-Production

Two friends make a deal with the devil on their way to spring break. It's good vs. evil when a biker gang and some hot babes throw temptation their way!
Directed by Lola Wallace
Written by Josh Cornell

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